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The opportunity to showcase the creative work of our Jamaican artists on a global online art platform, to a potential viewership of two million people including art dealers, collectors and art lovers is something we couldn’t miss! So, when Lisa Howe, founder of the Atlantic World Art Fair approached us in 2021 we knew right away that we were onboard.

Hosted on it was and still is, the only art market dedicated to contemporary Caribbean art from the Atlantic World. This is our third year participating and we made valuable connections with galleries across the Caribbean – all of us proud to show the world the immense creative talent from our region. 

About the Atlantic World Art Fair

Welcome to the . This is our third online iteration. The Atlantic World Art Fair dedicated to presenting galleries and art projects focused on talented contemporary art makers in the Caribbean, the Atlantic Islands and the region's wider diasporas. This is a dynamic, under-represented art territory with complex, intertwined histories, relations and cultures informed by peoples of Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. 


After a two-week showing, the Fair ended on June 15. We now have time to sit back and reflect on what was a most successful event.


 This year we selected ten artists and exhibited 30 works. Mostly paintings – oil, acrylic and watercolour and drawing, as well as mixed media work and fine art photography. Themes included portraits, scenics and abstracts. The artists we chose to exhibit represented the diversity of our artistic community - young and emerging, contemporary and established, as well intuitive artists. 

Click HERE for e-catalogue.

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