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The Olympia Gallery is centrally located in Kingston, housed in the old Olympia residential complex designed and built in the mid-70s by Jamaican civil engineer A.D. Scott. An art patron and sometime sculptor, he wanted to create a residential hotel within a centre for the arts. 


Forty years later the A.D. Scott legacy lives on under the direction of Rosie Thwaites whose family business incorporates not only two galleries, but also an Art Supply Centre and Frame Shop. 

“The Art Centre was purchased by my mother Pearl Chang in the mid-70s, and as we became more involved and developed a deeper appreciation of art, we introduced a framing service, and out of that evolved a gallery and the selling of original Jamaican art,” says Rosie.


The main Gallery includes the largest private exhibition space on the island. There is a spacious octagonal-shaped exhibition area spanning two floors, canopied by a huge plexi-glass domed roof. The walls are expansive, ideal for displaying large works of art. On the third floor is a mural painted by celebrated Jamaican artist, Barrington Watson.  Covering over 2000 sq. ft. the mural fills the walls all the way around with scenes depicting the island’s history and cultural heritage. 


Every year Olympia Gallery is host to several exhibitions, culminating in the much-anticipated End of Year Show featuring works by multiple artists. “It’s an opportunity to introduce emerging talent, and new works by established artists." 

As one of the leading galleries in Jamaica, Olympia provides support to artists, enhancing their work through gallery representation and exhibition. “We represent artists at every stage of their career and follow their development and success. With new works coming in all the time, we offer a large inventory and a fresh perspective for the discerning collector.”

Dedicated to promoting Jamaican art, primarily original paintings and prints the Gallery also represents Caribbean artists. The collection includes paintings, prints, ceramics, sculptures and a range of mixed media works.


A small rotational gallery, OMG is a new pop-up destination for creative events. This stylish space is a versatile and affordable venue to host a variety of functions including solo and group exhibitions, artist demos, book-signings, workshops, as well as

in-studio photo and video shoots.


With over 30 years of expertise in the fine art framing business, our on-site workshop offers customers a vast selection of custom-made framing options.



We provide a wide range of quality art supplies for the creative community - from the hobbyist and student to the professional.

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about the gallery

A.D Scott by Barrington Watson                                                     Source


Founder of the Olympia Art Centre,

Art Patron and Collector

Ainsworth David Scott, a.k.a. A.D. Scott, or ‘Scotty” as he was affectionately referred to by those familiar with him, was born in Kingston, Jamaica on January 27, 1912. A.D. Scott was among the first to attend the Kingston College which was established in 1925.


Later, he studied at the McGill University in Montreal, Canada, gaining a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. Whilst in Canada, he further developed his skills as a highly competent engineer, securing key positions including Senior Assistant Engineer in the Royal Canadian Air Force and engineer-in-charge of Aerodrome Construction for the Canadian Government. Upon his return to Jamaica in 1945, he was appointed engineer-in-charge of construction for the University College of the West Indies. His later contributions to national infrastructural development would include the construction of the U.W.I Chapel, the National Stadium and the Hope Reservoir, earning him the title of Jamaican Master Builder.


Throughout his professional life, A.D. Scott passionately championed the development of Jamaican visual arts culture.  He firmly believed that the arts could and should be integrated within the business community and that the visual arts could provide a path to cultural development. As a prolific and fanatic patron of the arts, A.D. Scott boasted the largest comprehensive collection of artworks from various traditional and contemporary Jamaican artists by the mid-seventies. Additionally, he became the Chairman of the Contemporary Jamaican Artists Association when the group was active during the early sixties to mid-seventies and established the Olympia International Art Centre (now known as The Art Centre/Olympia Gallery) in 1974 where an active programme of art exhibitions as well as other cultural events was maintained. A.D. Scott was the recipient of several national honours, including a Silver Musgrave medal (1978) and a Centenary Medal (1980) from the Institute of Jamaica, as well the Order of Distinction (c1975). A.D. Scott passed away on June 16, 2004.

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