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K. Khalfani Ra


"My work is a martial exercise" - K. Khalfani Ra


WE LITTLE BUT WE TALLAWAH - Miniatures and Small Works

November 29, 2020 

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K. Khalifani Ra

WE LITTLE BUT WE TALLAWAH: Representing the Unrepresentable and the Underrepresented - Issues in Iconoclasm and Iconography

"My work is a martial exercise. It's a process of weaponising aesthetics in the service of truth towards the decolonisation of the Black being. Thus politics, history, culture, religion, etc., and the myriad ways in which they interrelate in the forging or distortion of identity constantly engages me in my practice."

Over the years the Gallery has shown Khalfani's work in a number of exhibitions. He is generally known for large-scale compositions, but for this show he presented a series of intriguing miniatures and small works comprising 20 hand-cut collages with coloured pencil on digital paper that dealt with politics, history and social issues. Always powerful, always complex, always relevant, Khalfani's strong voice resonated throughout these works.


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