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richard hall

Richard Hall was born in 1966 and attended the Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica where he excelled as a student. Taught by some of Jamaica’s best artists, Richard went on to paint fulltime. His work has been influenced by some of Jamaica’s most outstanding artists including Barrington Watson, George Rodney and Ken Abondarno Spencer. 

In 1992 he painted a piece called “The Emerging Influences” as a tribute to his three mentors by utilising a combination of their styles. Richard has had several exhibitions internationally and has participated in numerous group exhibitions and silent charity auctions in Trinidad. His work is displayed in both corporate and private collections throughout Jamaica. Richard’s work has been featured in the CFM International calendar in 1997. 

"Lady with Hoop Earrings"

Acrylic on Canvas (2022) 11.5 x 27.5 inches ID#: 301736

"Riverscape with Flower Blossoms"

Acrylic on Canvas (2022) 24 x 35.5 inches ID#: 302857

"Dance Room Scene"

Acrylic on Canvas (2022) 40 x 25 inches ID#: 302817

"Lady Dancing with the Moon"

Acrylic on Canvas (2022) 27 x 26 inches ID#: 301729

"My Country"

Acrylic on Canvas (2023) 40 x 24 inches ID#: 103412

"Boys Playing Marbles"

Acrylic on Canvas (2022) 24 x 20 inches ID#: 302819

"Bar Scene"

Acrylic on Canvas (2022) 24 x 20 inches ID#: 302818

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