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an exhibition of original paintings by one of the most distinguished Chinese artist working today

September 15 - September 24, 2016

The works presented in this exhibition fall into two categories, one exquisite and delicate, the other succinct. These two categories form what is called “Drawing Spirit”. Those exquisite and delicate works attach more importance to the spirit rather than to the form, which can achieve the same effect as the second category. “Drawing Spirit” reflects the logical core of the Chinese culture and continues on as a unique aesthetic characteristic of classical Chinese paintings. The “Drawing Spirit” is reflected throughout all the painting processes such as designing, operating, use of ink, and finally appreciation.

The original meaning of “Drawing” is transmission, through which artists can convey their conception to those who appreciate the artists’ work. During the whole process of transmission not only does the artist convey his original artistic conception, connotation and interest, but also leaves room for the viewer to create their own unique artistic conception, connotation and interest under the artist’s influence. As expressed by the Qing Dynasty artist, Yun Nantian: “Brush and ink are lifeless, but those who use them must have feelings. Painting is to convey affection, therefore artists may not leave people untouched when appreciating paintings.” As is known to all,” Poetry and painting leave the “readers” much more imaginative space.” Poetry and painting have the same characteristics in the sense that although they use succinct language, they express infinite meaning. As an ancient Chinese poem said, “One’s eyes may see thousands of flowers, but no more than two or three.”   

Thus, as to appreciation, different people have different opinions. These works are aimed at getting your opinion and urging myself to improve and achieve more. 

about the artist

Professor Li Shaowen

Li Shaowen - born  in 1942, native of Shandong Province, Ye County.

- Professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China.

- Director – Li Shaowen Painting Studio.

- Ph.D. Supervisor – Central Academy of Fine Arts.

- Member - Chinese Artist’s Association

- Expert receiving a Special Government Allowances of the State Council.


Li Shaowen graduated from the Beijing Art Academy in 1963 and started his postgraduate courses in the Department of Chinese Painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1978. During his study in the Central Academy, under the tutelage of Mr. Ye Qianyu, he majored in Figure Studies. After graduation he remained at the Central Academy of Fine Arts as a teacher, progressing to full professor.


In the Media

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