eira arrate hechavarria

Santiago de Cuba. 1973. 

Member of the Registry of the Creator of Fine Arts 
Member of the Agency of Authors Visual (ADAVIS) 

Applied studies 

1986-1988: Vocational School of Fine Arts, Santiago de Cuba. 
1988-1989: Provincial School of Plastic Arts "José Joaquín Tejada". Santiago de Cuba. 
1989-1991: National School of Plastic Arts (ENA, Cubanacan), Havana. 

Professional experience 

1992: Specialist of Plastic Arts at the Art Gallery "Mariano Rodriguez", Havana. 
1994: Professor of Fine Arts at the Villa Panamericana, Havana, where he taught painting and drawing as a community project. 
1996: From the date serves as an independent creative 

Personal Exhibitions 

2011: "BINGO". Photo shows. Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design. Santiago de Cuba. 
2011: "Filling the Space" photo exhibition. Week of the Cuban Culture. Las Positas College. Livermore.California. USA 
2010: "Idea to Idea". Tripersonal exposure. Annual Olympia Exhibition Gallery. Kingston, Jamaica. 
2009: "The stock of the Magi". Photography Exhibition. House of Poetry. Old Havana. 
2006 - 2009 Permanent exhibition, office of the company Billabona EXIMPORT SL, Old Havana, Havana. 
2005: "Needles in the Haystack", Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design, Light and Crafts, Havana Vieja (November) 
2004: "Multo Expo" Beeldende Kunnst, Amsterdand, Netherlands 
2004: Gallery "Art in Madrid", Spain. 
2004: Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design, "Eira Arrate and Eleven issues," Santiago de Cuba. 
2001 and 2002: William Coury Gallery. California, USA 
2001: Gallery "Vertex" Oviedo, Asturias. 
2001: Gallery "F. Goumar" Madrid Spain. 
1998: "Two ways," Art Gallery "Concha Ferrán", Havana 
1996: Library "Elvira Cape" Santiago de Cuba 
1994: Gallery "Frida Kahlo", House of Culture, Havana 
1993: Festival of Caribbean origin. Lobby film "Cuba", Santiago de Cuba. 
1992: Bipersonal, Gallery "El Zaguán" Student House, Santiago de Cuba, and Eira Arrate Arrate Grettel. 
1992: Higher Art Institute (ISA), Havana. 

Group Exhibitions 

2012: "Cuban Art in Sarasota". Exhibition of paintings and photographs. The Sarasota Cuban Ballet School.Sarasota. Florida. USA 
2012: "Deeply Superficial". Collateral to the Havana Biennial. Exhibition of 101 Artists of the Cuban Plastic organized by Liudmila Lopez. Modern gallery. Havana. Cuba. 
2012: Rotary Club Auction Foundation Hayward, Hayward, California. USA 
2012: "Beyond Boundaries" An Exhibit or ...

Acrylic on Canvas 18.5 in x 26.5 in REF#102339

Navecita No.2 (Juguete)

Navecita No.2 (Juguete)

Acrylic on Canvas 11.5 in x 19.25 in REF#102231

Acrylic on Canvas 19.5 in x 27.5 in REF#102136

Acrylic on Canvas 23.5 in x 31 in REF#102272