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Various Artists

"...And I Resumed the Struggle"

December 10, 2020 - January 30, 2021

"Painting is a way of freeing myself, 

of imposing order in a world 

that seems so chaotic. ..." - Audrey Lynch


December 10, 2020 

about the exhibition


'And I Resumed the Struggle' was the first major exhibition held by the Gallery for 2020. It opened on mind December, and ran for six weeks. The Gallery was brought back to life with over 20 impressive large-scale works by twelve talented Jamaican artists. Each day we saw a steady stream of people walking around the Gallery (all adhering to Covid protocols) to take in the show, engage with the artists and participate in panel discussions.


The works can be viewed in our eCatalogue.The QR codes are included and may be scanned to hear the artists speak about their work.  


Struggle Exhibition
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