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June 1 - June 24 2017

This exhibition came out of a discussion between Alison West Martin from United Kingdom and Mazola Wa Mwashigadi from Kenya. The two artists have known one another for about twenty years and discussion about possible collaboration dates back for several years. In June 2016 Mazola and Alison met under the ancient guango tree at the Caribbean School of Architecture and the seeds of thought came together. The exhibition consists of paintings from Alison and sculptural and installation work from Mazola. The methods and media are different for each artist but the theme and ideas have some common threads. Both artists are inspired by Islamic geometry and sacred space. Both artists have been working around these themes for some time, Alison from a European perspective, Mazola from an African one. There is both a coming together of differing technique and craftsmanship but also a contrast which sets both works as a harmonious counterpoint. 

about the artists

Alison West Martin

"Delving into sacred spaces of a different religious group help in the understanding that after all we are all basically and intrinsically human. We all have a need to try to understand our mortality and our place in the cosmos. I have found that the sensory and sensual experience in the mosque or the Islamic Palace reaches to the deep inner core of human essence."

Mazola Wa Mwashighadi

"Echoes of calls for prayer from a multitude of loudspeakers. embedded on beautiful minarets are forever etched in my memory. This body of work, reflects my continued finding of my personal voice in the Mystic geometrics of my life's  abstract prayer."

the collection

The Collection is a selection of the works shown during the exhibition. Some works may still be available. Please contact us for more information.

Alison West Martin

Mazola Wa Mwashighadi

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