everald brown (1917-2002)

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Everald Brown was the only son in a large family of girls. Stricken with typhoid fever at age two, he miraculously recovered and from then on was considered special by those around him. As he grew up, he too believed he was chosen and he followed the path that lay before him – one in which his  art, music and spiritual life were one to be shared with many. 


He moved to Kingston in 1940s and worked as a carpenter, married and started a family. He was attracted to Rastafarian teachings and became a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. In the 1960s he began making ritual objects and sacred art for the church. He also established his own church,  Assembly of the Living, which had a small following.


Around this time he began painting seriously,  gaining recognition locally and overseas.   By In 1973  the urge to escape the confines of the city  prompted him to move his entire family to the remote a remote location in the heart of Cockpit Country.  A place he called Meditation Heights. Here his inspiration was pure.  It allowed him to grow and develop his highly complex and individualistic style. He claimed he would travel through time in his dreams and ancient mysteries were revealed to him these he recorded by painting colourful images, secret hieroglyphics,  of his visions on  the limestone rocks surrounding his property. He erected his mystical antenna through which he communicated with the spirits. Over is life time he produced hundreds of p[paintings, carvings and musical instruments.  


He died in 2002 at age 84. It was his wish that his ten children would uphold his legacy and ‘stand up to the art.’

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