athena menekratis

Athena Menekratis, cousin of the famous curator and gallerist Iris Clert, is a half greek and half dutch artist born in 1978 in Cannes, France. She has chosen to express herself through the art of portrait in a unique style.


The Depth of Black is the theme of a series of pictures in black and white.


The black background gives a new dimension to the portrait that of a universe with intense depth from which emanates a captivating atmosphere echoing mystery and infinity.

The light contrast is redefined. The light comes out of the shadow and not the opposite.


Visually powerful by the imagery but also by the idea and meaning conveyed, these artworks assert poetically and also with humour that " The story of each human being is written in his facial features".


The realism of the technique is confronted with an optical illusion and each portrait is a single piece.


Represented by Galerie Arista in Cannes France and The Olympia Gallery in Kingston Jamaica


Portrait of Usain Bolt

Portrait of Usain Bolt

Ink on Canvas 17.5 x 21.75 in REF101323


Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier

Ink on Canvas 36"x36" ref 101437


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