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artist talks in the gallery @ 11am

Saturday 16th @ 11am

Camille Chedda . Daniel Harrison

Kimani Beckford . Oneika Russell


Saturday 23rd @ 11am

Greg Bailey . Lee-ann Haslam

Xayvier Haughton John Campbell

Saturday 30th @ 11am

Zoriah Allen . Katrina Coombs

Phillip Thomas . Audrey Lynch

“As artists we are aware that our profession has survived chaotic and unprecedented moments in history and it has become ever more important to present the issues we have gleaned from it.


We invite viewers to look to this exhibition not only as mere presentation of our various concerns but also simply for the fact that we carried on, the work was done.


The title ‘…and I resumed the struggle.’, which is a quote from Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot, is a poignant one in this regard. Locked within this notion of carrying on is the sort of will, determination and character that will be needed to see ourselves through.“

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Segmented Figures
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Barrington Watson
Lying Nude
Allan Zion
Kimani Beckford
Bust Study of Case
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Patrick Waldemar
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